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Benvenuti! Welcome to Flavia’s Flavors. I am Flavia and I love to cook, bake, write and take photographs. I decided to start my own food blog because I wanted to have a place where I could showcase and share my passions.

I come from an Italian family, and grew up around people who used food and cooking as a way to keep their traditions alive, celebrate their Italian culture, express their love for their family, and nourish the people they cooked for with the freshest and best quality ingredients. I grew up eating really, really well.

I have had the privilege of being able to travel to Italy for most of my life, where I was able to form close relationships with my maternal and paternal great aunts, great uncles and cousins, most of whom are wonderful home cooks. I was also fortunate to grow up near my maternal and paternal grandparents, who were also excellent home cooks. My paternal grandfather, Luigi, was a professional chef with an incredibly interesting career. I think it is safe to say that cooking is in my blood!

Italian food is what I know and love the most and I feature it prominently here on my blog. I did not start cooking and baking in earnest until after I got married, and I am entirely self-taught. I am continually learning to make many of the Italian recipes I grew up eating, most of which originate from the regions of the Veneto and Lazio, and I am also teaching myself how to cook recipes from the other eighteen regions of Italy. I have a deep interest in Italian-American recipes as well, which carry with them a fascinating history from the blending of two very different cultures to create a uniquely delicious cuisine. My Italian culinary idols are Lidia Bastianich and Marcella Hazan, whom I believe are two of the most talented chefs and most influential Italian culinary authorities. 

My food and cooking philosophy is based in my belief of using the freshest and best quality ingredients. I cook and bake from scratch because I believe it is the healthiest and most flavorful way to eat. I believe in cooking seasonally, buying locally whenever possible and being aware of where your food comes from. 

I am originally from the East Coast. I was born in Washington, DC and raised in Bethesda, Maryland. I have been living in Houston, Texas since 1998. My kitchen can be found in the suburb of Katy, where I live with my husband Peter, who has a big sweet tooth, loves pasta and is always willing to taste test my recipes.

I am looking forward to sharing my love of Italian food and cooking with you here on Flavia's Flavors. Thank you for stopping by!

Buon Appetito!


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