Friday Favorites {Vol. 1}

Friday Favorites

Welcome to Friday Favorites!

I’m always bookmarking great content to share in these weekly posts. I also created a secret Pinterest board to bookmark links for future Friday Favorites posts. How great are secret Pinterest boards? There is just so much talent out there and the online world amazes me every day. I’m excited to share some of my favorites, so let’s get started!

♥  Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away.  If you’re new to hosting the biggest food holiday of the year, read this (and watch the video at the end). It’s the best thing I’ve read all week. You can’t beat the wisdom that comes from years of experience.

♥  Our lives and culture may be more casual than times past, but etiquette isn’t dead. These tips on being the best dinner guest are spot-on. Because no one wants to be that dinner guest.

♥  I can’t stop watching this adorable video.

♥  How fun is this apron? This will be on my Christmas wish list!

♥  Would you believe that I have never listened to an audio book? It’s true. They’ve never appealed to me because I love reading so much. But lately, I’ve been hearing so many great things about them from several of my book-loving friends, I’m starting to get really curious about giving audiobooks a try. I’m always complaining that I never have the time to read more, so audiobooks may be the answer to staying on top of my favorite reads for the times I can’t sit down to read my Kindle or my latest library find. My friend Amy suggested Hoopla, Audible and Overdrive. If you’re an audiobook lover, what platform do you like? I’d also love suggestions on great audiobooks to listen to.

♥  For the past two years, during November and December, I spend an hour (or two) before bed watching these holiday movies.

♥  I may be watching Christmas movies, but I don’t start listening to Christmas music until the day after Thanksgiving. Do you have any “rules” about when you start listening to holiday music?

♥  Bravo, Nordstrom (I do the same thing at my house).

♥  You can be sure I’ll be making these sweet potatoes (and the sauce too)!

♥  I love living in a diverse and fun food city. I hope it makes the list!

That’s it for today’s Friday Favorites! Stop by on Monday for my first The Side Dish post, where I’ll be telling you about my kitchen photo shoot. And more recipes are coming soon, too!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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