September 23, 2010

Ode to ice cream

Images :: top and middle images via Lovely Package; bottom images c/o Anthropologie.

It's me again... Claudia from Fig. 2 Design, here to share some delicious design with you!

Flavia’s guest blogger post by Jen of My Kitchen Addiction, completely inspired today’s post. It’s the last days of summer (at least here in DC) and what better way to celebrate summer than with an ode to ice cream?

And when I found the image of Connoisseur Ice Cream, I had to post it since my blog is called The Color Connoisseur! I love color and I love ice cream so I searched for colorful bowls to delight in this delicious treat. And since a little extra topping never hurt anybody, why not top it off with one of Glace’s sauces?

The packaging design of the bowls and the sauces is so simple and so pretty, I am sure that Flavia would buy one of each. And since red is the signature color of Flavia's Flavors, I am sure she would delight in the pretty bowls as well.

While summer will be missed, I won’t have to miss ice cream. And if I run out, I will fill my colorful bowls with something warm and delicious. I’ll leave ideas for that up to Flavia who will be back here next week!

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I adore those bowls!

Posted by Kristen
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