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March 2, 2011

Apricot Crostata

First things first: I want to give a heartfelt Thank You to those of you who left thoughtful condolences about our Dutch here on Flavia's Flavors, Facebook and Twitter. Your kind words helped...
November 1, 2010

Memories of Italy

Of all the things we saw and did during our two-week stay in Rome, spending time with my family members was my favorite part of the trip.  It had been nine years since...
October 27, 2010


I know in my last post I told you that my next post would be about Umbria, but it didn't seem right to delay a post about all the food we ate in...
October 20, 2010

Roma Bella

Ok, so I know I look like a total Slacker Blogger, but last week I ended up relapsing and got sick again, this time with tonsilitis.  And as much as I wanted to...
October 11, 2010

Grazie Roma!

Ciao!  It's so nice to be here again.  I have been back from our vacation to Italy for a little over a week now, and this post is most overdue.  I would have...
September 9, 2010


In just a few hours, Peter and I will be on a plane bound for Rome, and we couldn't be more excited!  It's been nine years since we've been back to Italy, so...
February 4, 2010

Amatriciana Sauce

DSC04125 My maternal grandmother ("Nonna") Liliana was from Rome.  After WWII, she and my grandfather ("Nonno") Diego came to the United States, where they got married and settled in Washington, DC.  Although they lived...
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