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A Cooking Class with Domenica Marchetti

At the end of last month, my fellow food blogging friend and cookbook author, Domenica Marchetti came to Houston to teach a cooking class at the Italian Cultural and Community Center where I volunteer. Ever since starting as a volunteer cooking instructor at the ICCC last year, I have enjoyed working with Erika, the center’s programs and events director, to brainstorm ideas for new cooking classes. Last month, I suggested reaching out to Domenica to see if she would be willing to come teach a class at the ICCC, and to our delight, she accepted our invitation! If you follow […]


Welcome to the new Flavia’s Flavors!

welcome to the new Flavia's Flavors blog

Welcome to the new Flavia’s Flavors! I’m so excited to be blogging again and I’m thrilled with my newly re-designed blog. I want to extend a warm, Italian welcome to my long-time readers and new readers alike. If you were here in person, I would offer you a big bowl of homemade biscotti. Over the past nine months, I have been working with my friend Claudia of Fig. 2 Design to create a new look for Flavia’s Flavors. Since my goals were to re-brand my blog and create a new design, Claudia guided me through a series of detailed (and fun!) […]