Tropea Onion Jam

onion jam

Last month, my fellow food blogging friend Domenica Marchetti sent me a copy of her newest cookbook, Preserving Italy: Canning, Curing, Infusing, and Bottling Italian Flavors and Traditions (grazie, Domenica!). My kitchen bookshelf is lined with all of Domenica’s cookbooks and I’m thrilled to add her latest one right next to the others. I haven’t been able to put it down since I received it. Domenica is the author of six cookbooks on Italian cooking, including The Glorious Pasta of Italy and Rustic Italian (two of my favorites). Preserving Italy is her seventh cookbook and it has become another one of my favorites. Among the many cookbooks about canning […]


Chickpea Flatbread

chickpea flatbread

Emiko Davies’ Florentine: The True Cuisine of Florence arrived in my mailbox earlier this year after much anticipation. I have enjoyed Emiko’s blog for several years, and I look forward to her informative articles about Italian food, history, and culture on Food 52. She also writes a food column for the Italian newspaper, Corriere della Sera and did a video interview for the publication’s Le Donne del Cibo series. Her Instagram feed is one of my favorites for its gorgeous captures of her daily life in Tuscany, her travels, her food photos, and her adorable daughter whom I’m convinced is one of the cutest kids on Instagram. Over […]


Ricotta and Lemon Ciambellone

ricotta and lemon ciambellone

I’ve recently added several wonderful Italian cookbooks to my ever-growing cookbook shelves. One of the first cookbooks I bought for myself this year was Rachel Roddy’s My Kitchen in Rome: Recipes and Notes on Italian Cooking. I pre-ordered it as soon as it was available and then waited eagerly for what seemed like an eternity, but the wait was well worth it. I’ve been reading Rachel’s blog for several years and am also a faithful reader of her new weekly column in The Guardian. Her photos on Instagram are some of my favorites, particularly those of her now very famous sink, which is often […]


Chicken Croquettes

chicken croquettes

Hi friends! I’m so happy to be back here. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my post from a few days ago where I finally announced why this year has been just a tad crazy. If you missed it, the reason for the radio silence lately is because I’ve been helping Peter move into a new office space as he begins a new life chapter running the family business. After working alongside his father for the past eighteen years, Peter is now at the helm of the business his dad started over forty years ago, and his […]


Basics: Marcella Hazan’s Tomato Sauce with Butter and Onion

Tomato Sauce with Butter and Onion

I’m continuing to work through my list of “basics” recipes, and today I’m sharing one of my favorites: tomato sauce with butter and onion. The first time I tasted tomato sauce with butter in it was in Rome at my great-aunt Franca’s house. She had made her sugo semplice (“simple sauce”): a soffritto of finely chopped carrot, celery, and onion sautéed in hot olive oil, and a bottle of passata di pomodoro (strained tomato sauce) poured over the lightly caramelized vegetables and left on the stove to simmer for a little less than an hour until the sauce was slightly reduced and flavorful. Once […]


Carol Field’s Italian Easter Bread

Pizza di Pasqua

Today is Pasquetta (“little Easter”) in Italy, a national holiday and a day that Italians take to spend with family and friends to celebrate the beginning of spring. Italians have a saying they like to invoke at Easter and on Pasquetta: “Natale con i tuoi, Pasqua con chi vuoi.” (“Christmas with your family, Easter with whomever you want.”). The saying sounds much better in Italian particularly because it rhymes, and it reflects the more casual nature of the day after Easter when Italians go on outings to parks or the countryside to enjoy a day of fun and leisure. Packing a picnic for a day spent […]