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Winter Citrus and Fennel Salad

Happy New Year, friends! I’m hoping I can still say that given that we are still in January, albeit the last day. Also: can someone please tell me where January went? I’ve seen so many people complaining on social media about how long this month has felt, but for me it’s been quite the opposite. I used to dread January because it always felt like it dragged on forever, but these past couple of years, I have welcomed the quiet and rest after a busy holiday season. Changing my mindset by looking forward to a re-set in January has made […]


Minestrone alla Romagnola Soup

minestrone alla romagnola soup

Happy February! I’m a few days late because my blog was getting a much-needed facelift and I had to hold off on publishing new posts while my web developers worked behind the scenes. I am thrilled with the changes and I hope you like them as much as I do! The recipe section for every post is now more well-defined and there is better printing and pinning functionality. The logo placement and navigation bar are now better proportioned and easier to read. But the biggest change I made recently is that I have decided to turn Flavia’s Flavors into my […]


Instant Pot Chicken Stock

instant pot chicken stock

I have never been able to get on the meal planning bandwagon. I certainly appreciate how valuable it is for making grocery shopping easier, effortless, and cost-effective. I also understand how sanity-saving it is to know exactly what is on the menu for the week. However, I’m always apprehensive about planning meals days in advance because…what if I’m not really in the mood to eat that meal once the day arrives? That said, I don’t fly by the seat of my pants with mealtimes, either. I just take a less structured approach to deciding what we will eat for dinner throughout […]


Winter Fennel, Radicchio + Citrus Salad

winter fennel radicchio + citrus salad

I have never been (nor do I ever plan on being) one of these people who goes on a diet after the holidays. It’s disheartening to hear people speak as though they have to punish themselves at the start of the new year by going on a restrictive diet just because they ate some cookies and drank a little more alcohol than usual over the holiday season. I don’t do “clean eating” or fasting. Instead, I cook with as many whole and unprocessed ingredients as possible with a heavy emphasis on seasonal produce. I believe in balance and moderation for […]


Spinach Herb Pesto

spinach herb pesto

Happy spring everyone! It’s been a flurry of activity here at Casa Scalzitti for the past few weeks. After finally recovering from the miserable virus we caught in Italy, Peter and I sprung into action and tackled our household “To Do” list. The first day of spring may have been a couple of days ago, but here in Houston, we’ve been enjoying beautiful spring weather since the beginning of March and it’s been glorious (North-Easters, please don’t hate me!). The start of spring this year is especially exciting for us because we finally had our front and back yard re-landscaped. […]